Camilla Gulì presents Burning Bangerz Radio + Tracklist ep. #01

Camilla Gulì presents Burning Bangerz is a monthly radio show airing worldwide.

Being nominated as one of the most engaged Italian DJs on social media, Camilla keeps cultivating a solid fanbase from all corners of the world with the launch of her radio show finding a compromise between club sounds and mainstream scene in a monthly hour of club-ready bangers.

Broadcasting around the world on the first of every month, Camilla showcases some of the best emerging and established talent.
None of those biggest hits of the year but a true selection of the next wave ahead in the house music scene and tunes’ references that maybe people are missing.
With her boundary-pushing curation, Camilla Gulì presents Burning Bangerz walks the line between mainstream success and underground credibility with the unique ability to conquer both club addicted and festival crowds for a unique brand of modern electronic dance music.


Burning Bangerz #01 TRACKLIST: