The Ultimate Collection of Chord Progressions

Chords for You Vol.1

MIDI + Audio Sample Pack


This 100% royalty-free chord progression sample pack includes 100 midi files and 100 lossless audio files to help you lay down the melodic structure of your tracks and jumpstart your music production career.

100 midi files featuring advanced chord progressions with unique rhythms. 

I took it a step further and recorded each one of the 100 chord progressions on my favourite hardware synthetizers and VSTs providing you with unique sample-ready chord progressions for your beats.

"I believe midi is for musicians, audio is for producers. And you don't need to be a classically-trained musician to become a music producer."
Camilla Gulì

Are you ready to start up your music production career?


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Frequently asked questions:

This sample pack contains 100 advanced chord progressions with interesting rhythms, both midi and lossless audio files for a total of 200 files which will serve as the bones for your tracks. 

Having the melodic elements in place is everything you need to get started making music with no prior music theory knowledge, and it will help you:

— Jump-start your production process and ultimately save you time in your DAWs, 

— Boost your creativity by letting you focus on the manipulation of sounds and

— Help you understand how advanced chord progressions are built by reserse engineering the midi files.

This sample pack is created for all music producers who find music theory to be the most dawnting part of their music sessions, for anyone interested in becoming a music producer even with a non-existent or limited music theory knowledge but is ready to make music leveraging their creativity. 

As well as sample-based music producers looking for 100% cleared, royalty-free chord progression samples for their beats. 

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